New eNavigation Kernel SDK 2.0


The new Version 2.0 brings many new Features we have been frequently asked about.

Custom Information Layers Interlaced with ENC Display Layers

Complex custom display layers can be easily composed through a comprehensive set of different components for point symbols, formatted text, lines, areas, vector shapes, vector fields and raster images.

A new powerful Stacking Level concept in the Api allows to freely integrate the custom display layer components with the ENC chart layers. The concept is illustrated in the image below.

Vector Fields

A new VectorFieldSymbolLayerComponent class allows to efficiently display vector fields using self defined symbols. Application samples for the vector field visualization are wind or currents. The vector field data is initialized only once. The correct display of rotated symbols for the interpolated values during zooming and panning is ensured internally, no further client code is required.
Time dependent vector fields are also supported by the easy to use API. The change over time can thus be visualized easily and without any performance impact.

Raster Images

A new RasterImageLayerComponent class provides a generic interface for integrating geo referenced bitmaps or gridded data with the S-57/S-52 vector charts. Like the vector field symbol layer component the image data are only initialized once, the interpolation during zooming and panning is handled internally. Time-dependent data is also supported.

The RasterImageLayerComponent class supports two different types of data:

  • Raster images containing color values, like ARCS charts, BSB charts or satellite images.
  • Sampled data for which the color value is looked up in a freely configurable heat map. The data, for instance bathymetric data may be irregularly spaced.

A SetOpacity method allows continuously blending between the raster image and the vector chart. 

Land/Water Clipping

Custom display layer components can be clipped to land regions or water regions of the ENC chart on a per frame basis.

Api for Ppi-Aware Applications

The new Api for custom symbols makes writing ppi aware applications easy. Symbol image sources can be vector images or raster images. After assigning the IScalableSymbol implementations the custom symbols are always displayed in the correct size. Color scheme changes are also handled transparently by the SDK.


Read more about the e-Navigation Kernel SDK here.

eNavigation Kernel SDK released

We are happy to announce the release of the eNavigation Kernel SDK.

The Kernel SDK allows software applications like ECS, ECDIS, Port and Coastal Surveillance systems and Voyage Planning stations to display nautical charts. Custom overlays can be used to display additional information layers for modern eNavigation tasks.

The innovation of the product is the consequent utilization of graphics hardware resources that is unprecedented in the GIS sector. The outstanding rendering performance offers new possibilities like smooth zooming and 4k screens.


Read more about the e-Navigation Kernel SDK here.


Geomaris ENC Viewer released

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Hydrographic Data Protection Suite released

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