Benefits for Customers

Customers building applications using the Despina charting engine directly benefit from the GPU based rendering:

  • Improved user experience: The high frame rates reached by the rendering engine are the prerequisite for fluid user interaction which is particularly valuable for cartographic applications.
  • New operation concepts possible: The performance enables multi touch and gesture control common for mobile devices.
  • Bigger and high resolution screens: The rendering performance scales well for coming higher resolution displays.
  • Multi screen: Responsive multi screen applications e.g. for video walls become possible because of the rendering performance. These systems scale very well with the number of graphics cards attached to the computer system.
  • Reduced hardware requirements: Systems using Despina compared to CPU based rendering engines have higher frame rates and at the same time reduced CPU requirements. The reduced hardware requirements can be transposed into better user experience as described above or reduced hardware costs or both.
  • Suited for mobile devices: Smart phones and tablet PCs are equipped with power efficient CPUs running at around 1GHz. Fluid chart displays are nonetheless feasible on these device classes because they offer good graphics performance.
  • Scalability: The performance increase of CPUs over time by increased clock speeds and straight-line instruction throughput has come to an end. Performance gains are now achieved by increasing the number of cores in multi core CPUs. However, writing concurrent programs that significantly benefit from multiple CPU cores is hard, coordination and synchronization overhead is substantial. At the same time the rendering performance of Despina based applications directly increases when run on faster future graphics hardware.
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